Government does not want to see me alive: Baba Ramdev – India

26 june 2011

Government does not want to see me alive: Ramdev

New Delhi: Three weeks after he was bundled out, yoga guru Baba Ramdev Sunday returned to the capital to visit a woman who was critically injured in the crackdown on his agitation against corruption and accused police of a conspiracy to kill him. He also asserted that if any black money was found on him, it could be declared national property.

Dr Sanjay Kumar Cardiac Cardiothoracic Heart Surgeon India

Dr Sanjay Kumar Cardiac Cardiothoracic Heart Surgeon India

In new allegations that are sure to spark much outrage, Ramdev said that the police not only resorted to brutality, but also tried to rape and molest women during the post-midnight crackdown on protesters June 4.

This was the first visit by Ramdev, who heads the Haridwar-based Pantanjali Yog Peeth, to Delhi since the crackdown on his followers during his fast against corruption at the Ramlila Ground.

The visit also came amid the persisting standoff between the government and civil society activists over the Lokpal bill, with Ramdev, who fasted earlier this month against mounting corruption in the country, reiterating his charges against the government for not doing much against back money stashed abroad.

Profusely thanking his supporters at a press conference, Ramdev, blazing with anger, stressed that the entire world saw the injustice done to women and children at the crackdown and charged that police did not come to arrest him June 4, but to kill him.

He said he had come to Delhi on the eve of the 36th anniversary of the imposition of emergency and asserted that the situation “was very much similar to the emergency”.

“At Ramlila Maidan, the police did not come to arrest me, they wanted to kill me. I won’t give any evidence right now, because the case is pending with the Supreme Court,” said Ramdev.

He added that police attacked his supporters when they tried to extinguish the fire which started on the stage. “The attempt to set the stage on fire was again an attempt to kill me. They attacked my supporters who were trying to extinguish the fire.”

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