Cancer can’t stop him from fighting corruption – India

29 july 2011

New Delhi:  This cancer patient believes there are many more important fights in his life, besides the one against his disease. Subhash ‘Swatantra’, a moniker he has given himself, has last-stage blood cancer. But nothing could stop him from volunteering for India against Corruption (IAC), a movement trying to garner people’s support for the Lokpal Bill.

Subhash, a resident of Jind, Haryana is volunteering for the referendum on Lokpal Bill in Union Minister Kapil Sibal’s constituency, Chandni Chowk. Sibal also represents the government in the Bill drafting committee.

Enthused about the cause, Subhash said, “Corruption is the biggest menace for India right now. It is far greater that terrorism and naxalism. If our country gets free from corruption, we will become the world’s greatest superpower.”

He is not the only one who has defied all odds to work for Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption.

Rumel Kumar, a heart patient, has been working in the dingy lanes of Paharganj, just to support his Anna. Vinod Chibbar (73) does not hesitate in climbing stairs on a daily basis to distribute forms.

Differently-abled people are not far away. Raheem, a resident of Noida, is working for the IAC too. Other than them, people from various corners of the country have poured in to carry on Anna’s fight. Satpal, a resident of Gurdaspur, Punjab, said, “I am here to fight against corruption. I will also fast with Anna when the time comes.

Dr Sanjay Kumar Cardiothoracic Cardiac Heart Surgeon - tips for travelling with infants

Dr Sanjay Kumar Cardiothoracic Cardiac Heart Surgeon - tips for travelling with infants

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Surgeon Sanjay kumar Cardiothoracic Cardiac Heart Surgery Dr Surgeon
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