Aam Aadmi attacked – blogs the journalist Ashutosh

06  mar 2014

While at a police station, AAP’s Ashutosh wrote this blog


While at a police station, AAP's Ashutosh wrote this blog

AAP leader Ashutosh (file pic)

(Ashutosh joined the Aam Aadmi Party in January. The former journalist is expected to take on Union minister Kapil Sibal in Delhi in the national election.)

These are the classic symptoms of a fascist leader. Arvind Kejriwal was on a study tour of Gujarat to examine the claims of development and Narendra Modi knows if he allows that, his lies will be exposed.

So he made an attempt to divert public attention from the real issues and a drama was enacted to make it seem like Kejriwal is a law-breaker and does not respect the model code of conduct of the Election Commission.

The world was told that he was taken to a Gujarat police station for traffic and security reasons. May I ask if the state police anywhere would detain Modi or Sonia Gandhi for the same reasons? They dare not – but they dare to detain Kejriwal!

That is why AAP volunteers got angry and wanted to protest at the BJP headquarters on Wednesday evening. I request the Delhi Police to study the video footage carefully. We were peacefully protesting outside BJP office, we were attacked. It is wrong to say I was leading the protest. I was trying to calm down the situation, was asking AAP workers to maintain calm. It is amazing how the Delhi Police has behaved and blamed us in this matter. The violence was initiated by the BJP. More than three dozen AAP volunteers were injured, but not a single case is registered against the BJP.

Nalin Kohli of the BJP was seen beating our volunteer with a lathi.  That volunteer, Shailendar, is badly hurt, but Kohli is still roaming free. Why?

We are cooperating with the police and will do so in the future.

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